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Undergulvsbelegg som muliggjør løstlegging av både homogene og heterogene vinylgulv fra Tarkett. Tarkolay legges løst på gulvet og deretter limes vinylen mot undergulvsbelegget . Tarkolay er fuktbestandig og kan håndtere fukt i betong opptil 96% RF.

  • Unik løstleggingkonsept
  • Kostnadseffektiv installasjon
  • Løser fuktproblemer
  • Stabilt undergulv som kan kombineres med både heterogene og homogene vinylbelegg


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TARKETT’S BALANCED CHOICE Square Acoustic & Square Compact are part of Tarkett’s choice of sustainable solutions. It is an integrated system that allows you to balance all the competing needs, (environment, performance, budget) while making choices that are truly sustainable and work together aesthetically.

Better Raw Materials Tarkett’s Loose Lay Vinyl Tiles are based on up to 57% natural raw materials, such as salt and mineral fillers. We use local suppliers as far as we can to reduce the environmental impact from transportation.

Resource Stewardship Our Loose Lay Vinyl Tiles are produced in Sedan, France. The factory applies an environmental management system (ISO 14001). Over the last five years, our Sedan factory has made numerous improvements: 63% reduction in water consumption 29% reduction in VOC emissions to the air. As for all Tarkett sites, the Sedan site is assessed from an environmental point of view by an external auditor every two years. No risks were identified in the Sedan site during 2009.

People-friendly Spaces Tarkett’s Loose Lay Vinyl Tiles ranges deliver valuable health, hygiene and welfare benefits: the TopClean X-treme performance surface treatment reduces the use of water, detergent and energy, and ensures easy and low-cost cleaning and maintenance needing no wax or polish for life. Low VOC emissions < 20 μg/m3 at 28 days – more than 50 times below demands in European Standard (1000 μg/m3 ), contributing to good indoor air quality. The modular system make the floor quickly and easily replaced, causing minimal disruption in workspace. Sanitized® treatment for anti-bacterial properties that support good hygiene.

Reuse and Recycle Our Loose Lay Vinyl Tiles contain up to 35% post-production recycled content. We have developed a recycling system and a scheme for collecting post-installation waste. The recycling of post production material has increased by 133% since 2003 (sent to our plant in Lentzweiler for recycling. ISO 14001 certificate n°2008/32992 | ISO 9001 certificate n°2008/32992